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Navigating the Holidays During the COVID-19 Pandemic teaser image

Navigating the Holidays During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many holiday traditions and rituals may not be the same this year. We asked Cedars-Sinai Spiritual Care chaplains, Rabbi Sarah Barukh and Reverend Pam L...


Home Grooming Hazards: What You Should Know teaser image

Home Grooming Hazards: What You Should Know

With COVID-19 keeping us in quarantine, visits to hair stylists and manicurists have dramatically dropped off. Personal grooming and is a good alternative but it doesn’t come witho...


Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea teaser image

Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Robert Rose struggled with constant fatigue for decades because of his obstructive sleep apnea. Now, a new surgical option--upper airway stimulation, has brought him more vibrant d...


¿Cuál es su experiencia como médico latino? teaser image

¿Cuál es su experiencia como médico latino?

Los latinos constituyen casi el 40% de la población de California, pero cuando llega el momento de ir al consultorio del médico, rara vez ven a un médico del mismo origen. Nos sent...


What Is Candida Auris? teaser image

What Is Candida Auris?

Multi-drug resistant organisms—aka superbugs—have evolved to evade our best defenses. One emerging fungus, Candida auris, with the potential to become a superbug, has become caught...


Honoring Our Veterans teaser image

Honoring Our Veterans

Military veterans contribute to the daily operations of Cedars-Sinai in a wide variety of departments, roles and responsibilities. In observance of Veterans Day—Wednesday, Nov. 11—...


Veteran Andrew Um teaser image

Veteran Andrew Um

When Andrew Um enlisted in the Navy at 19 years old, he had little idea where that journey would take him. That journey eventually led to Cedars-Sinai. Read more.


Veteran Felicia Mayes teaser image

Veteran Felicia Mayes

Her career in the Air Force Taught Research Manager Felicia Mayes to be flexible. As the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading in Los Angeles, Felicia Mayes viewed the emerging health ...


Veteran Mary Denise Acosta teaser image

Veteran Mary Denise Acosta

From a young age, Cedars-Sinai credential trainer Mary Denise Acosta, RN, knew nursing was her calling. Looking back, it is clear how nursing perfectly blends two of her chief char...


Veteran Ronnie Zavala teaser image

Veteran Ronnie Zavala

When Cedars-Sinai employee Ronnie Zavala started looking into joining the Army National Guard in 2001, he hoped that after finishing his basic training it could essentially be a pa...


Cedars-Sinai Gives Grants for COVID-19 Relief teaser image

Cedars-Sinai Gives Grants for COVID-19 Relief

Even in the best of times, many Angelenos struggle to pay rent, put dinner on the table and take care of their health needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the most vulnerable at ev...


How to Quit Vaping teaser image

How to Quit Vaping

Vaping may be more lethal than cigarettes. Many smokers picked up their first vape cartridge hoping it would help them put down cigarettes for good. Experts now caution that vaping...


Addiction During COVID-19 teaser image

Addiction During COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging and addiction and opioid overdose rates on the rise, we're about to see two crises collide. We asked Cedars-Sinai addiction psychiatrist Dr....


Balancing Work, Family and Self-Care teaser image

Balancing Work, Family and Self-Care

Cedars-Sinai Primary Care physician Nicole Tyer, MD, has moved to New York and back again always holding true to her 'fruit-and-nut' childhood. Today she keeps that balance focusin...


How to Protect Your Skin teaser image

How to Protect Your Skin

Skin is our largest organ—and the most vulnerable to damage from the elements. Living out in the sun makes skin protection all the more pressing. We asked Cedars-Sinai dermatologis...