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What Is Trauma? teaser image

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is everywhere—but still misunderstood. It's a real phenomenon that traps the body in a stress cycle and, when unprocessed, has lifelong consequences.


The New Lung Cancer Landscape teaser image

The New Lung Cancer Landscape

Public health efforts and scientific advances have led to a significant drop in lung cancer deaths, but researchers are still searching for cures for the No. 1 cancer scourge.


Pioneering Heart Valve Care Expands and Improves Lives teaser image

Pioneering Heart Valve Care Expands and Improves Lives

Dramatic advances in the field of minimally invasive heart valve replacement are extending and improving life for millions. Cedars-Sinai physicians are seeking the next frontier.


How to Think Like a Scientist: A Crash Course teaser image
discoveries magazine

How to Think Like a Scientist: A Crash Course

How does a scientist work? We’ve condensed some of the most important insights about scientific thinking into a six-lesson minicourse you can take right now.

Discoveries / Nov 15, 2021

Breast Cancer Has No Gender teaser image
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Breast Cancer Has No Gender

If breast cancer had personal pronouns, they wouldn't be she/her, he/him, or even they/them. Breast cancer has no gender, and that means people of all genders need to learn to asse...

Discoveries / Oct 18, 2021

Community Exposure teaser image
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Community Exposure

A new study suggests that even for healthcare workers, community—rather than the workplace—is the more common source of coronavirus exposure.

Discoveries / Aug 02, 2021

Enzyme Targeted by Coronavirus Influences Gut Inflammation teaser image
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Enzyme Targeted by Coronavirus Influences Gut Inflammation

Although the coronavirus usually strikes the lungs first, it can inflame and damage organs in the body. A study at Cedars-Sinai shows that the enzyme facilitating these attacks is ...

Discoveries / Aug 02, 2021

Employees Jump Into New Roles to Help Cedars-Sinai teaser image

Employees Jump Into New Roles to Help Cedars-Sinai

More than 400 staffers currently are helping Cedars-Sinai and the community through the Employee Resource Bank, or ERB, a makeshift internal temp-employment service set up in the e...

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Dec 10, 2020

Saving Grace teaser image
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Saving Grace

After a crippling fall, the Cedars-Sinai/USC Kaufman Dance Medicine Center helped aerialist Kerry Wee get back on her feet. After a strong comeback she took a welcome hiatus to rai...

Discoveries / Oct 22, 2020

An Epidemic Ignites teaser image
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An Epidemic Ignites

The usually harmless human papillomavirus (HPV) is triggering a surge of throat cancer among Baby Boomers. Two Cedars-Sinai investigators are working to ease the burden of treatmen...

Discoveries / Jan 14, 2020

The Age Gap teaser image
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The Age Gap

It's a paradox that science is only now seeking to understand: Women live longer and appear to age better than men—but when they do develop disease, they suffer worse outcomes.

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Everybody Hurts teaser image
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Everybody Hurts

The medical field has a long history of dismissing women's pain, despite actual differences between how the sexes interpret it. The roots of these sex differences likely lie in the...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Hearts and Minds teaser image
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Hearts and Minds

Two Cedars-Sinai leaders discuss how to make healthcare more equitable for all.

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Misconceptions teaser image
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What we don't know about the effect of medications on pregnancy could fill a large medical textbook. More than 90% of prescriptions haven't been tested on expectant mothers, leadin...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Menopause Matters teaser image
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Menopause Matters

Menopause is about more than the reproductive system and symptoms can be different in every woman impacting every area of her body. Which means it's not terribly surprising that if...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020