Cedars-Sinai Team HEAL is a school-based program supporting student-athletes in underserved communities and empowering them to pursue sports safely. Student-athletes are more prone to sprains, strains and serious injuries such as concussions. With an emphasis on injury prevention and top-notch medical care, Team HEAL aims to provide underserved high school athletes with needed resources to fill that gap and counter lags in public school athletic budgets. At the heart of the 25-year-old program is its mission of Helping Enrich Athletes' Lives (HEAL).

Team HEAL in the Community

For young athletes growing up in underserved communities, participation in athletics is often the door to a world of possibilities. Since 2008, thanks to our generous donors, Team HEAL has awarded over $130,000 in annual college scholarships to student-athletes.

Team HEAL Services

Team HEAL is focused on preventing sports injuries and concussions through education, training and care. Uninsured and underinsured student-athletes at partnering high schools have access to specialized Cedars-Sinai physicians and clinicians and athletic trainers. Also designed to foster life skills and prepare young people for the future, we offer mentorship, academic support, college scholarships and career development.

  • Full-time certified athletic trainer at each participating school
  • Fully equipped athletic training rooms for sports injury rehabilitation and physical conditioning
  • Preventive care that teaches youths how to avoid sports injuries and raises awareness of health and nutrition
  • World-class sports medicine specialists from the Cedars-Sinai Kerlan
  • Jobe Institute and other facilities available to students regardless of insurance status. 
  • Team HEAL physicians and certified athletic trainers treat more than 300 sports-related injuries per year, including sprains, strains, concussions, fractures and overuse injuries such as tendonitis or shin splints. 
  • On-demand access results in fewer treatment delays and hospitalizations.
  • Comprehensive preseason sports physicals offered to our partnering schools at no cost to the student-athlete or family. 
  • Covers orthopaedic, vision and dental exams, cardiac check-ups, concussion tests, internal medicine and follow-up care for identified medical issues. 
  • More than 5,000 free physicals performed since 2003.
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The 6 Community programs at Cedars-Sinai, including Team HEAL, cover a wide range of Los Angeles neighborhoods, serving diverse communities of all ages.