COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Cedars-Sinai is here for you, and we are committed to your health and safety. As COVID-19 cases climb steeply in our community, Cedars-Sinai is currently scheduling only medically essential procedures and surgeries. 

If you need routine medical care or have a medical problem, call your doctor right away, as you normally would, to determine the appropriate next step – whether it’s a phone or video appointment, an in-person visit or a trip to the ER or urgent care. Call 1-800-CEDARS-1 (1-800-233-2771) if you need help finding a doctor.

We are open

Our emergency room remains available 24/7 for life threatening issues, and our urgent care locations and outpatient offices continue to be fully staffed and open for all patients.

We offer phone and video appointments when medically appropriate.

You can send a message to your doctor on My CS-Link™️ 24/7.

Need a Doctor

Call 1-800-CEDARS-1 (1-800-233-2771) if you need help finding a doctor.

How We Are Keeping You Safe

We are proud to implement the following safety measures for your protection:

  • Screening and temperature checks for every person entering our facilities, including staff.
  • Universal masking of employees, physicians and patients at all times.
  • Physical distancing in our waiting areas and clinical areas.
  • Increased thorough cleaning and disinfection for all common areas and clinical spaces.
  • Limited visitors to our facilities. Find details about our visitation policy here.
  • Designating specific zones for COVID-19 patients, separating patients as appropriate.

Schedule Your COVID-19 Test Online

Cedars-Sinai now offers COVID-19 testing with results available within 48–72 hours. A doctor’s referral is not necessary, and you do not need to be a Cedars-Sinai patient. See FAQ for additional details.

If you are a new patient to Cedars-Sinai, click here to schedule:

If you are an existing patient with a My CS-Link account, save time and click here to schedule:

Post-COVID-19 Cardiology Clinic

Have you had COVID-19?
Our team is available to care for high-risk populations, including those with preexisting conditions, such as patients who had heart failure, hypertension or coronary artery disease before coming down with the virus.

Consult with a Cardiologist
Our highly trained cardiologists treat patients with a verified laboratory positive result for COVID-19, whether or not they've been hospitalized with COVID-19, and continue to experience cardiac symptoms from the virus or preexisting symptoms.

The program and clinical team collaborate across various specialties and aim to better characterize involvement of the cardiovascular system in COVID-19 survivors.

There is concern and ongoing discussion about the long-term effects of the virus on the human body, including the heart.

Planning Your Visit to Cedars-Sinai

It is safe to visit Cedars-Sinai for care, whether in our operating rooms, laboratories or medical offices. We have implemented additional safety precautions to ensure our facilities are a safe place to receive care and those treating our patients are healthy and safe.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Antibody Testing

We are proud to participate in important research on antibody testing to gain a better understanding of the body's immune response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. We are not offering antibody testing for low-risk patients or members of the general public with no suspicion of recent infection at this time. Your primary care provider can advise you on whether an antibody test is appropriate for you.

Updates From Cedars-Sinai

We continue to be grateful for the overwhelming support the Los Angeles community is showing Cedars-Sinai staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please know we are reading and appreciate every message.

Help us continue to celebrate our Cedars-Sinai #HealthcareHeroes!