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On the Front Lines of COVID-19 teaser image
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On the Front Lines of COVID-19

From the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the pharmacy, every Cedars-Sinai employee plays a critical role in a unified force fight COVID-19 —but their experiences are unique. Here, several share their perspectives from the pandemic front lines.

Discoveries / Jul 31, 2020

An Epidemic Ignites teaser image
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An Epidemic Ignites

The usually harmless human papillomavirus (HPV) is triggering a surge of throat cancer among Baby Boomers. Two Cedars-Sinai investigators are working to ease the burden of treatment on the population most at risk: older men.

Discoveries / Jan 14, 2020

Cancer Prevention in Every Language teaser image
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Cancer Prevention in Every Language

Cultural barriers once kept Myong Shim Lee from vital healthcare services—and such obstacles remain in place in many under-served communities. Now, Cedars-Sinai investigators are opening lines of communication to help more people get ...

Discoveries / Aug 21, 2019

The Changing Face of Multiple Sclerosis teaser image
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The Changing Face of Multiple Sclerosis

Scientists don’t know what causes multiple sclerosis or how to stop its attack on the nervous system. But more sensitive diagnostic tools and powerful new medications are helping patients like Amy Fire get on with their busy lives.

Discoveries / Aug 20, 2019

Scientific Dream Team Aims to Make Preeclampsia a Relic of the Past teaser image
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Scientific Dream Team Aims to Make Preeclampsia a Relic of the Past

The pregnancy disorder preeclampsia can strike in a flash, endangering both mother and child. A dream team at Cedars-Sinai is determined to render this disease—a leading cause of maternal mortality—a relic of the past.

Discoveries / Jul 01, 2019

Cutting Blood Pressure teaser image
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Cutting Blood Pressure

A new model of care teams pharmacists with barbers to fight the deadly health epidemic of hypertension—which affects African-American men more than almost any other group in the world.

Discoveries / Feb 25, 2019

Abreast of Trends in Cancer teaser image
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Abreast of Trends in Cancer

Dr. Armando E. Giuliano has a minimally invasive approach toward breast cancer treatment, and thanks to philantropic support, his investigations could serve as the foundation for earlier detection and increasingly targeted treatment.

Discoveries / Feb 24, 2019

Big Leaps for Baby Steps teaser image
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Big Leaps for Baby Steps

With philanthropic support, Dr. Evan Zahn developed a procedure to treat patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), the most common heart problem among extremely premature babies. He also harnessed 3D printing technology to build reconstructed ...

Discoveries / Feb 24, 2019

Gifts that Count teaser image
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Gifts that Count

In 2018, Cedars-Sinai completed an eight-year, $615 million fundraising campaign that inspired collaboration among physicians, surgeons, scientists, and patients. Here we highlight some of the significant achievements of The Campaign for...

Discoveries / Feb 24, 2019

Innovation 9: (Out on) a Better Limb teaser image
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Innovation 9: (Out on) a Better Limb

The next step in prosthetic technology revolutionizes mobility for one amputee—and may help countless others. Thanks to an innovative new technique that increases stability and range of motion in prosthetics, Chris Rowles enjoys renewed ...

Discoveries / Aug 15, 2018