Nephrology Fellowship Program

The Cedars-Sinai/Veteran Affairs West Los Angeles Medical Center joint fellowship program offers a two-year postgraduate fellowship providing training in both clinical nephrology and renal science. Fellows normally spend equal time between Cedars-Sinai and VA West Los Angeles Medical Center. Efforts are made to make the program flexible and to meet individual needs. Therefore, the second year of fellowship can be tailored to the individual's interests.

Clinical Activity at Cedars-Sinai

During the renal consultation rotation, fellow will interact with and will be supervised by both full-time staff nephrologists and physicians who belong to the voluntary medical staff. Clinical activities are concerned with the care and management of patients with diseases of the kidneys and disorders of body fluids. Experience gained during the period of training is broad and equips one to approach any renal problem with confidence. We have active inpatient and outpatient program. Outpatient clinic facilities allow the long-term follow-up and management of patients with renal diseases and hypertension. There are eight to ten hospitalized patients followed by the Division of Nephrology at any given time. Management of these patients provides the fellows with exposure to a broad spectrum of clinical problems, including acute renal failure, hypercalcemia, glomerulonephritis and complex electrolyte and acid-base disorders. In addition to the acquisition of clinical skills, the fellow is able to gain in-depth experience in acute dialysis, continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration, chronic peritoneal dialysis and renal biopsy.

The Division of Nephrology works closely with the Department of Surgery in the management of renal transplant patients, and approximately 120 kidney transplants are performed each year at Cedars-Sinai with excellent patient and organ survival. Fellows take an active and primary role in the management of patients. We also offer a one-year renal transplant fellowship program accredited by the AST-ASN.

Clinical Activity at VA West Los Angeles Medical Center

The Nephrology Section at VA WLA runs very active inpatient and outpatient consultative and primary care services. The renal inpatient consultation service is comprised of the renal attending, first or second year fellow, house officers and medical students. An academic VA nephrologist serves as the renal attending on the Consultation Service. Referrals to the Consultation Service come from every service of the hospital and cover a wide variety of fluid and electrolyte, acid-base, mineral metabolism and intrinsic renal disorders. The daily rounds on the Consultation Service focus on the differential diagnosis and treatment of the broad spectrum of disorders that are seen in the hospital. Various forms of renal replacement therapy for acute renal failure are available and prescribed as indicated. The Nephrology Section is also the major consultative service for complicated or secondary forms of hypertension.

The Nephrology Section has several outpatient clinics. The Renal Clinic serves as an outpatient renal consultative resource, as well as the primary care clinic for patients with progressive kidney failure. The Renal-Hypertension Clinic provides consultations for patients who have difficult to manage hypertension, who may have secondary hypertension or who have chronic kidney disease and hypertension. The current outpatient dialysis population consists of approximately 120 patients. A large and active dialysis unit allows the acquisition of experience in various dialytic procedures. The dialysis unit has been designated a Center of Excellence by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Research Activities

Fellows will spend three months dedicated to research with one of the faculty at either institution. Nephrology faculty members at Cedars-Sinai are engaged in active research endeavors, including clinical and animal investigation in the areas of hypertension, transplant, immunology, immunopathology and research outcomes.

Clinical research interests at VA WLA include the prevention and treatment of complications of chronic kidney failure, including renal osteodystrophy and anemia, the development of new treatments for patients with renal diseases and hypertension, the prevention of the progression of chronic renal disease, the study of patient outcomes with different modes of dialysis.


  • Journal Club Conference
  • Renal Biopsy Conference
  • Fluids & Electrolytes Rounds
  • Pathophysiology Course
  • Renal Grand Rounds
  • Chief's Rounds
  • Teaching by Nephrology Trainees
  • Research Conference
  • Directed Reading
Participating Laboratories & Researchers

Cedars-Sinai Nephrology

Nephrology Fellowship Program Director
Medical Director Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Program

Medical Director Kidney Transplant and Transplant Immunology
Director Division of Nephrology

Cedars-Sinai Renal Pathology

Professor of Medicine and Pathology and Renal Pathologist

Professor of Pathology, Renal Pathologist

VA West Los Angeles Medical Center
Arnold Felsenfeld

Associate Nephrology Fellowship Program Director
Professor of Medicine, Director of the Hypertension Clinic

Glenn Nagami, MD

Chief of Nephrology Section, VA
Associate Program Director, Professor of Medicine

Jeffrey Kraut, MD

Chief of the VA Dialysis Unit, Professor of Medicine

Bart Levine, MD

Attending physician, Professor of Medicine

David Lee

Attending physician, Professor of Medicine

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