Needle (Wire) Localized Surgical Breast Biopsy


What It Does

This procedure will help the surgeon pinpoint the correct area in your breast for biopsy.

Before The Exam

Find out general instructions about your surgery and procedure.

During The Exam
  1. A marker will be placed in your breast at the site of the suspicious area that was identified on your mammogram or ultrasound.
  2. Two mammogram pictures or ultrasound will be taken to confirm the location of the suspected area.
  3. In most cases, a local anesthetic will be injected using a very tiny needle. You may feel a slight sting in your breast at the injection site.
  4. The radiologist will insert a needle at the marked site using ultrasound or repeat mammogram images to confirm correct needle placement.
  5. When the tip is in the correct position, a small amount of blue dye will be injected through it.
  6. The needle will be removed or replaced with a wire. You will be taken to surgery for your biopsy.
  7. The tissue removed at surgical biopsy is often sent to radiology for mammogram or ultrasound prior to being sent to pathology for analysis.

After The Exam

You will be monitored after the surgery and sent home when ready. You will be given home care instructions before being sent home.

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