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Before Arriving for Your Exam

  • You can print and fill out the Breast Imaging Questionnaire, Outside Mammogram Tracking Form and the Patient Advisory for Mammography for Patients with Implants on our Pre-Registration Questionnaire page before arriving to speed the registration process.
  • It is suggested that you do not schedule your mammogram for the week before your menstrual cycle (period) as your breasts are usually very sensitive at this time.
  • It is important that you do not wear deodorant, perfume or talcum powder on the day of your exam.
  • Please leave your jewelry and valuables at home.
  • If you have had a previous mammogram, at a different imaging center, please bring your previous films and reports.
  • Although we do not anticipate any delay in your scheduled appointment, we recommend that you bring a book, magazine or music player to help pass the time, if you do have to wait.

After Arriving

  • You will change into a patient gown, removing your clothes from the waist up. We have robes available for your comfort while you wait.

During Your Exam

  • If you are having a screening mammogram, pictures of each breast will be taken. If you are receiving a diagnostic mammogram, you may have one or both breasts scanned.
  • Pictures are taken while applying pressure to your breast. Although the pressure may be uncomfortable, it is essential to obtain quality pictures.
  • Your exam will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Upon completion of your exam, you will be free to go home.

After Your Exam

  • There are no restrictions placed on you after this procedure. You may eat or drive as normal.
  • An imaging physician will review your study and the results will be sent to your doctor with a follow-up letter to you.
  • An imaging physician may call you back for additional pictures. This is to ensure that any possible abnormality in your breast can be thoroughly evaluated.
  • In conjunction with the additional imaging, an ultrasound may also be used to evaluate an abnormality. 
  • If the imaging physician determines that you have dense breasts, you will also receive a letter informing you. Click here for information about dense breasts.
  • To request copies of your pictures on a PC and MAC compatible CD, or a copy of your report, please call 310-423-8000 and follow the prompts for your selection.