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What we do

The Cardiogenetics Program provides a multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of patients and families afflicted with familial cardiac conditions. Patients are evaluated by a cardiologist specialized in these conditions, together with a cardiac genetic counselor, to help clarify the patient's diagnosis, create a personalized management of care based on genetic test results and provide a risk assessment for other at-risk family members afflicted with these conditions.

Getting There

Pavilion is located at 127 S. San Vicente Boulevard between West 3rd Street and Gracie Allen Drive. Valet parking and self-parking are available in the Pavilion Parking lot, located on Sherbourne Drive between West 3rd Street and Gracie Allen Drive. Park in the Gold Zone (Levels B2 and B3) and take the Gold Parking elevators to the Plaza Level. Follow the signs for the Pavilion elevators, and take the elevator up to your destination. For parking rates and hours of operation, please visit cedars-sinai.org/parking

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