Getting Started With Breast Cancer

We approach your care on a personal level that starts with you. Our team of experts works together to develop a customized care plan.

We talk with you, and after we review your information and your special needs, we explain our plan of treatment to you. Then you’ll meet with each specialist on your care team.

Your treatment is not just about today — it's about what you'll need in the months and years to come.

Caring for You on Your Journey

When it comes to breast cancer care, our mission is simple — we want to provide our patients with the treatments and resources that allow them to lead meaningful lives. 

Guiding Your Care Journey

Experience the benefits of our Nurse Navigator Program, a care tool that connects you with the right information at the right time so that you can make active decisions in your treatment.

Helping High-Risk Patients

A family history of breast cancer can cause stress for any patient. We offer a variety of services, including regular monitoring and lifestyle-changing resources, to support your long-term breast health.

Meet Our Expert Team

Get to know the team of leading surgeons, radiation therapists, hematologist/oncologists and pathologists who make up our breast cancer expert team.

Your First Appointment

Making sense of your care options and resources after receiving a cancer diagnosis isn’t easy. We're here to help you understand your choices and support you throughout your care. Give us a call at 310-423-8030 to get yourself prepped and ready for your first appointment.

Clinical Trials

See how we’re improving our patients' health and wellbeing through new research innovations.

During Treatment

Learn more about new cancer care options and support programs offered at Cedars-Sinai.

Staying Healthy

Access resources to help you on the path to wellness after you've completed your care plan.