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Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery for Head and Neck Cancer

It can be frightening to learn that there's a tumor in a difficult-to-reach area such as your skull base. When you come to Cedars-Sinai, you have access to treatment options that are not widely available. We are among the few programs in the L.A. area offering endoscopic skull base surgery. Our team successfully removes tumors that were previously considered inoperable.

What Is Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery?

Your skull base includes the bottom of your head and the bony surfaces behind your eyes and nose. Just beyond the skull base is a complex network of soft tissue, nerves and cartilage that makes accessing tumors challenging.

Endoscopic skull base surgery allows surgeons to safely navigate this area using thin instruments along with a light and camera. We pass these instruments through the openings of your nostrils:

  • The light and camera provide real-time, high-resolution views of the tumor and nearby structures.
  • Sophisticated tools at the tip of the instrument allow surgeons to safely remove tumors.

Our Approach to Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

Head and neck cancer experts use endoscopic skull base surgery to treat problems such as sinus tumors and pituitary adenomas.

Our approach includes:


Our team includes surgeons specializing in head and neck cancer who have years of experience with endoscopic skull base surgery. Our experts are also advancing head and neck cancer therapies through research. Using the latest practices allows us to deliver a level of care that's not widely available. Meet our expert team.

Coordinated Care

Your care reflects the expertise of specialists from across our head and neck cancer care program. We review your case as a team to make certain endoscopic skull base surgery is right for you. We also coordinate additional treatments if necessary, giving you the best chances of becoming cancer free. Read more about our head and neck cancer tumor board.


We use real-time CT or MRI imaging to monitor the tumor and nearby tissue during your procedure. Imaging allows surgeons to assess each step of your procedure ahead of time for added protection against complications. Find out more about head and neck cancer imaging studies.

Conditions We Treat Using Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery

We use this technique to treat skull base tumors such as:

Coordinated Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

In many cases, multiple Cedars-Sinai surgeons work together. Our approach assures the highest levels of safety.

The experts performing your procedure depend on the location of the tumor and may include:

  • Neurosurgeons for tumors affecting the brain or pituitary gland
  • Ophthalmologists for tumors near the eyes

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