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Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

At Cedars-Sinai, you receive care from nationally recognized head and neck cancer specialists. We offer a broad range of treatment options, including clinical trials and the latest technologies. We have the expertise to help you receive safe treatments with fewer side effects. Your care also includes supportive therapies to help you achieve your recovery goals.

Our Approach to Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Doctors and patients throughout the Los Angeles area put their trust in the head and neck cancer team at Cedars-Sinai. We successfully treat common and rare forms of head and neck cancer. We also offer hope for healing to people with cancer that comes back after treatment.

You have access to the latest head and neck cancer treatments, including:

Advanced Treatments

When new treatment technologies become available, Cedars-Sinai doctors are often among the first in the L.A. area to use them. Our offerings include innovative throat cancer treatments, such as transoral robotic surgery and transoral laser microsurgery. These offerings give you more opportunities for healing.

Clinical Trials

Our participation in head and neck cancer research gives you access to new treatments through clinical trials. Our reputation as a leading head and neck cancer program enables us to offer options that are only available at select cancer centers nationwide. Get more information about head and neck cancer clinical trials.


This innovative treatment uses drugs to train your immune system to attack cancer cells. Immunotherapy often causes fewer side effects than standard cancer drugs. This option may be right for you if the cancer comes back after radiation therapy or surgery.

Advancing Head and Neck Cancer Care Through Research

Our experts are active in head and neck cancer research. These efforts are changing the way doctors across the country care for patients with head and neck cancer.

We are exploring:

  • Risk factors for HPV-related head and neck cancer, especially in older adults
  • Effects of treatments on older adults with head and neck cancer
  • Care approaches for HPV-related head and neck cancer
  • Which patients are likely to remain healthy and which ones face a risk of new cancer

Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Head and neck cancer treatment often includes surgery. You receive care from surgeons with advanced training in head and neck cancer procedures. We offer sophisticated surgical options, including minimally invasive throat cancer treatments that lower the risk of changes to your appearance.

Precision Medicine for Head and Neck Cancer

You may benefit from precision medicine if cancer comes back after treatment. We uncover clues within your genes to predict which therapies are most likely to be successful. Our experts use this information to tailor treatments to meet your unique needs.

Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer

Radiation therapy uses powerful energy to destroy cancer cells and prevent them from reproducing. You receive care from a doctor (radiation oncologist) who specializes in head and neck cancer treatment. Our years of experience enable us to minimize side effects, so you feel more like your old self after treatment.

Supportive Therapies and Specialized Services

We offer therapies and services to help you have the best possible quality of life during and after cancer treatment.

Our offerings include:

  • Specialized therapies: We deliver specialized dental services that help many head and neck cancer patients avoid problems with their teeth and gums. Our team also includes therapists who are experts at helping people regain their ability to speak and swallow after treatment. Learn more about speech therapy and dental care for head and neck cancer
  • Other services and support: We offer emotional support and assistance navigating common challenges such as transportation to and from appointments. We also continue caring for you after treatment with survivorship services. Find out more about supportive care and survivorship services for head and neck cancer.

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