Integrated Inflammatory Bowel Disease Pregnancy and Fertility Program

The Integrated IBD Pregnancy and Fertility Program provides counseling and specialized care for women with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) before, during and after pregnancy. The goal of the program is to improve pregnancy outcomes in the IBD population by combining the expertise of high-risk obstetricians and IBD gastroenterologists to protect the health of mother and baby. With a customized, comprehensive approach to counseling and care, the program gives patients access to leading experts and a full range of services that address fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health needs.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Nationally and internationally recognized IBD specialists and OB-GYN physicians who specialize in higher-risk pregnancies
  • One of only a few such integrated IBD practices in the world
  • HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening
  • Respect for each patient’s existing relationship with his or her regular gastroenterologist and obstetrician, who will continue to serve as the main care providers

The program team will help explore:

  • Strategies to manage IBD and improve nutrition to achieve better health before a pregnancy
  • How to ensure safe use of IBD medications before and during pregnancy
  • Contingency plans for flares during pregnancy
  • Options for delivery
  • Postpartum planning, including breastfeeding support and coordination with the baby’s pediatrician