Condition: Pancreatitis


Key Inclusion Criteria:

  • Must be under 18 years old
  • Must fit specific criteria for acute pancreatitis, acute recurrent pancreatitis, or chronic pancreatitis
  • Participants/parents must have signed an authorization for the release of their or their child’s protected health information

Key Exclusion Criteria:

  • Must not have any significant medical illnesses that cannot be adequately controlled with appropriate therapy or would compromise the participant’s ability to tolerate study interventions

Study Name

Pediatric Longitudinal Cohort Study of Chronic Pancreatitis (INSPPIRE 2) (IRB no. PRO48977)


Only a few research studies have focused on pancreatitis in children, which limits what we know about pancreatitis in children and how to treat it. In this study, researchers will collect blood or saliva for genetic analysis, urine (for biomarker analysis), clinical data, and questionnaires from children with all types of pancreatitis. The study will continue to collect questionnaires from participants until they are 18 years old. (Participants may answer questionnaires for as long as they choose after the age of 18.)

Researchers hope to use the samples and data to learn how common pancreatitis is in children, what causes pancreatitis, and how it progresses (gets worse). The study will evaluate lab results, images, and response to treatment. In so doing, researchers aim to develop better tests and treatments for the disease.

Principal Investigator