The Pediatric ERCP Database Initiative

Condition: Biliary disease, pancreas disease, interventional endoscopy


Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Pediatric patients who are less than 18 years old and identified as needing ERCP

Key Exclusion Criteria

  • Adults

Full Study Name

The Pediatric ERCP Database Initiative (PEDI) (IRB no. 49439)


This study focuses on pediatric patients who have been identified as needing an endoscopic procedure called endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). The purpose of the study is to gain knowledge about ERCP, which is used to diagnose and treat problems in the bile and pancreas. During this procedure, a narrow, flexible tube (endoscope) that has a video camera is utilized. Participants will be asked for permission to review medical records; additional procedures or clinic visits are not required to take part in the study. Researchers aim to learn more about the indications and safety of ERCP in pediatric patients to improve treatment and create specific guidelines for using this procedure in children.

Principal Investigator

Quin Liu, MD

Liliana (Claudia) Bancila, PhD
Phone: 310-423-3872