Pituitary Tumor and Pituitary Disease Patient Guide

When your pituitary gland isn't working as it should, you might not feel like yourself. Highly specialized pituitary disease experts (endocrinologists) at Cedars-Sinai offer tests and treatments that help many people make a full recovery.

Read our answers to common questions about care for pituitary tumors and pituitary disease. If you have additional questions, a member of our team can assist you.

Cedars-Sinai offers a broad range of tests, including options that are not widely available. An endocrinologist who specializes in diagnosing pituitary disorders interprets your results so you get an accurate diagnosis. Find out more about hormone testing.

Hormone testing options include:

  • Standard hormone testing: We take a sample of your blood and analyze it in a lab. This test helps us assess whether your pituitary gland is producing abnormally high or low levels of certain hormones.
  • Stimulation/suppression tests: We may recommend these tests based on your symptoms or the results of standard hormone testing. Stimulation tests evaluate whether your body is capable of producing certain hormones at appropriate levels. Suppression tests assess what happens when your body produces too much of certain hormones.

These tests can confirm a diagnosis of a specific pituitary condition, such as Cushing disease, acromegaly and adult growth hormone deficiency.

Finding the most effective treatments for pituitary disease often requires the expertise of multiple doctors. Our team includes doctors specializing in surgical and nonsurgical treatments, along with researchers and diagnostic experts. Meet our expert team.

Our team works together to help you receive the best possible care. During clinic visits, we often discuss complex problems on the spot. And our entire team comes together regularly to discuss the latest research and develop treatment plans. These frequent touchpoints allow us to tailor care to meet your needs.

Adult growth hormone is responsible for making muscle tissue and controlling fat deposits, especially around your midsection. Many people who experience muscle loss or weight gain suspect it could be a growth hormone deficiency. Doctors who specialize in this disorder can provide a definitive answer.

Our doctors have expertise in diagnosing and treating growth hormone deficiency. We offer a special lab test to confirm or rule out the condition. This test lets us know whether you may benefit from growth hormone injections. We tailor a care plan that helps you avoid complications, such as joint pain and heart disease.

Cedars-Sinai is home to nationally recognized researchers whose work is advancing many aspects of pituitary disease care. We participate in clinical trials exploring new testing techniques and medications. Our team discusses your unique needs to determine whether you might benefit from participating in a trial.

Our research interests include: 

  • Exploring the biologic processes that give rise to pituitary tumors 
  • Maintaining the world's largest pituitary tumor database to learn more about which treatments are most effective
  • Conducting clinical trials to test for new medications for Cushing disease and acromegaly

We mostly use endoscopic endonasal surgery to remove pituitary tumors through the opening of your nose. Our neurosurgeons use tiny instruments and a camera to safely access and remove tumors. Find out more about endoscopic pituitary surgery.

There are many benefits to this approach, including: 

  • Safety: Doctors can access pituitary tumors without disrupting nearby healthy tissue. 
  • Shorter recovery time: Most patients stay in the hospital for two days and resume normal daily activities within two weeks. 
  • No cosmetic concerns: There is no facial scarring or bruising.
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