Thyroid Nodule Clinic

Thyroid nodules are bumps that develop in thyroid gland tissue, which is near your windpipe. Thyroid nodules are common, especially in older adults. While an abnormal lump may be a sign of cancer, nine out of 10 thyroid nodules are noncancerous. At Cedars-Sinai, we have a thyroid nodule clinic where you can get focused care from nationally recognized experts.

Our Approach to Thyroid Nodule Care

The best care includes regular testing and evaluations. And if there are no changes, you have the option to receive ongoing monitoring from your primary care doctor. If the nodule is growing or there are other changes, thyroid disease experts at Cedars-Sinai help you receive appropriate care.

You receive services from leading thyroid nodule experts. We developed methods for carefully monitoring suspicious thyroid nodules. And we share our expertise with doctors all over the country. Our team also includes surgeons and pathologists with decades of experience evaluating thyroid nodules. We offer consultations from multiple specialists during a clinic visit to provide convenience for patients. In addition, if a biopsy is conducted during a clinic visit, our pathologists provide real-time feedback on the results. Find out more about thyroid nodules.

Comprehensive Evaluation for Suspicious Thyroid Nodules

We conduct testing to detect subtle changes, so you receive care that's appropriate for your needs. We offer a broad range of tests, including ultrasounds that may be available during your clinic visit. Find out more about thyroid diagnostic testing.

In some cases, we recommend a procedure, such as a biopsy or a vocal cord evaluation, to further examine the nodule. You receive these services from surgeons who care for a high number of thyroid nodule patients. These experts are in our clinic once a month.

Specialized Thyroid Cancer Care

If a nodule becomes cancerous, you receive treatment from many of the same thyroid nodule experts you already know and trust. If you need surgery, we may use sophisticated techniques to remove your thyroid through tiny incisions.

Cedars-Sinai is committed to helping patients avoid unnecessary thyroid cancer surgery. We are one of the first programs on the West Coast conducting research in this area.

Have Questions or Need a Second Opinion?

To make an appointment or refer a patient, call us or send a message to the Endocrinology care team. You can also have us call you back at your convenience.

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