Medical and Hormone Replacement Therapy for Endocrine Disorders

Endocrine disorders cause symptoms that may affect your mood, comfort and wellbeing. At Cedars-Sinai, any symptom impacting your daily life matters to us. Our renowned endocrinology experts are here to help you feel better.

We treat many problems using medications and hormone replacement therapy. And our focus on your needs helps you get the most out of treatment.

Endocrinology Medical Therapy at Cedars-Sinai: Why Choose Us?

At Cedars-Sinai, you receive care from leading endocrine disorder specialists. We have made significant contributions to the field for conditions such as pituitary and adrenal disease. We use the same methodical approach when treating other disorders, including diabetes and hormone imbalances.

Highlights of our program include:

Appropriate Therapies

We conduct sophisticated testing to pinpoint which hormones are causing your symptoms and whether levels are too low or too high. We then recommend the medical therapies that are best for you. Find out more about hormone testing.

Personalized Treatments

We tailor doses to give you the best results with the lowest risk of complications. We use blood tests to regularly check your response to treatment, adjusting therapies to your needs. We also consider factors that may affect your ability to absorb medications, including your diet and conditions such as heart disease.

Complete Care

Conditions such as pituitary tumors and Cushing syndrome often require surgery in addition to medical therapy. You receive medical and surgical services from the same experts for coordinated care that restores your sense of wellness. Find out more about endocrine surgery.

Medical Therapy Options for Endocrine Disorders

We offer a broad range of medical therapies. The options that are right for you depend on your diagnosis and medical history. Our team discusses your options with you and explains how the medicines work. We also take time to answer your questions, so you feel confident about your care.

Women who stop producing hormones after menopause, such as estrogen and progestin, may need to take medications to replace them. Get more information about our Women's Hormone and Menopause Program.

We may also recommend thyroid hormone replacement for men and women with conditions such as hypothyroidism.

Insulin hormones help your cells use sugar effectively. If you have diabetes, your body either does not make enough insulin or doesn't use it well. Boosting insulin levels with injections can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Find out more about our Diabetes Center.

If you are producing too much of a certain hormone, medications can help you make less of it. If you have too much cortisol, you may need medications to block cells that form the hormone cortisol. Read more about our adrenal program.

Glucocorticoids are steroids that control inflammation and white blood cell activity. If you have conditions such as adrenal insufficiency that make it difficult to produce cortisol, steroid therapy can help. Find out more about care for pituitary disease.

For diseases of the thyroid gland and thyroid cancer, your care may include drugs (chemotherapy) to stop abnormal cell growth. We offer many options, including newly approved drugs. Find out more about our thyroid disease and thyroid cancer program.

Your care may include additional medications to help you get relief from side effects and avoid complications. If problems such as hyperaldosteronism are causing high blood pressure, your treatment may include blood pressure medications. Read more about our team approach to hyperaldosteronism

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