Web/VS User's Guide for Images

To help optimize the effectiveness of Web/VS, we have assembled this quick guide to the icons in Web/VS and the tools available for viewing and manipulating images.

Click on the icons or their names below to access additional information on their function.

Please contact EIS or the imaging department if you would like additional training in the use of PACs or Web/VS.

Save, e-mail or print images.

Edit Tab
Manipulate the selected images displayed in the viewer.

Windowing Tab
Adjust the windowing values of the selected images, either automatically or interactively, as well as invert the gray levels of the images.

Layout Tab
Configure the format in which the groups and images are displayed on the screen.

Measurement Tab
Add and manipulate graphic and text annotations on images.

Tools Tab
Show the reference lines in images, link images, and view the images in Cine mode.

Conference Tab
Lets two users view and discuss the same series of images, as if they were both standing in front of the same light box. While viewing the images, each user can view the other's cursors and annotations.

My Tab
Lets you contain your most useful tools. Right-click on any of the viewer tabs, select a tool, then click Add to My-tab. The selected tool appears in the My Tab Folder.