Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Cedars-Sinai is one of the few programs in the L.A. area offering sophisticated testing for difficult-to-treat forms of epilepsy. Our epilepsy monitoring unit allows us to observe in real time what happens during your seizures. During testing, we can pinpoint the precise area of the brain the seizures are coming from. This information leads to effective care, so you experience fewer seizures and more predictability in your daily activities. 

About Our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Unless you have a seizure during an office visit, it's difficult to know how they're affecting your brain and body. Our epilepsy monitoring unit is a safe environment for assessing seizure activity over several days.

This type of monitoring is also called video EEG monitoring because of the two methods we use to record seizure activity:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) measures electrical activity in the brain.
  • Video monitoring with night vision capabilities allows us to view physical symptoms, such as jerking movements and staring spells—even while you are sleeping.

Our Approach to Video EEG Monitoring

Inpatient video EEG monitoring helps us deliver a level of care that few L.A.-area programs can match. We can accurately determine the type of seizures you are experiencing. If you have epilepsy that does not respond to medications (intractable epilepsy), we determine whether other treatments, such as surgery, can help.

You benefit from:

  • Expertise: Our team includes neurologists who treat many patients with intractable epilepsy. We are up-to-date on all of the latest epilepsy care research, so you receive the best available care. Meet our epilepsy expert team.
  • Personalized care: Specially trained technologists and an epilepsy nurse are on standby at all times during your testing. We check on you throughout your stay and will come to your side during or immediately after a seizure. And if you experience unpleasant sensations or feelings during your stay, we help you get relief.
  • Appropriate treatments: For people with intractable epilepsy, testing in our epilepsy monitoring unit helps us decide the best treatments for you. If we determine that surgery is a good option, this testing helps us meticulously plan your procedure. Get more information about seizure medication and other epilepsy treatments.

What to Expect During Video EEG Monitoring

The typical stay is 5-7 days. You stay in a private room with enough space for a loved one. You must remain in bed during monitoring, both for your safety and so the video recording catches all seizure activity.

Here's what to expect:

  • You wear regular clothes, but all shirts must be button-down or zip-front.
  • We attach EEG sensors to your scalp. The sensors must stay dry, so you will not be able to shower.
  • We may ask you to stay awake to increase the chances of a seizure occurring.
  • You may receive sophisticated imaging tests that capture chemical changes in the brain during a seizure.
  • You will have an IV line in your arm so we can safely deliver the medications you need. 
Have Questions or Need a Second Opinion?

Call us or send a message to our care team. You can also request that we call you back at your convenience. 

Epilepsy Care Program

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