If you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia or any other type of movement disorder, it’s vital to get the right diagnosis and latest treatments. Not all of these diseases are curable, but therapies offered at the Cedars-Sinai Movement Disorders Program can often ease symptoms and slow the progression of your illness. You’ll find the newest diagnostic technology, research-based treatment plans and compassionate care at one of the country’s top hospitals for neurological conditions.

For Parkinson's patients and their families, controlling symptoms and slowing disease progression is the top priority. They count on Cedars-Sinai’s Parkinson's Disease Center—one of a limited number of programs supported by the American Parkinson Disease Association—for the latest treatments to help improve the quality of their lives.

Conditions We Treat

No matter how complex your health problem may be, you can receive personalized care from the expert teams at Cedars-Sinai.

Common Conditions:


Atypical Parkinson's



Essential tremors

Motor and vocal tics

Parkinson's disease


Tardive dyskinesia

Common Treatments:

Advanced medicine therapy

Botulinum toxin injections

There is a lot to know when you or a loved one has a movement disorder. Learn more about the diagnosis, treatments and living well with these conditions.

Clinical Trials & Research

Leading-edge care includes constantly searching for a better treatment. Learn about the latest clinical trials and research being conducted at Cedars-Sinai to find potential new treatments that improve outcomes for movement disorders and other neurological conditions.

Medical Professionals & Postgraduates

The Neurology and Neurosurgery departments offer a number of programs for subspecialty training, continuing medical education and other professional opportunities.

Outrunning Parkinson's

When Bobbie Poledouris laces up her running shoes, this grandmother in her 70s can finish a 5K faster than many younger competitors. Find out how she does it, despite having Parkinson’s disease.

Dystonia Patient Community Conference

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Cedars-Sinai Department of Neurology will present the latest updates on clinical advances and treatment options for dystonia. This free conference will provide patients and their families with reliable tools to monitor their wellbeing, discuss the surgical therapy of dystonia and review current treatments and medication.

Have Questions or Need a Second Opinion?

If you need a diagnosis, treatment or a second opinion, call the Movement Disorders Program or send a message to the Movement Disorders team.

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