Childbirth Experience Survey (CBEX) Study

Condition: Pregnancy and childbirth


Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Pregnant women (approximately 36 weeks) and recently pregnant women (approximately 8 weeks postpartum)

Full Study Name

Implementation of Childbirth-Specific Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures in the Hospital Setting (IRB no. 50845)


This study focuses on pregnant women (approximately 36 weeks) and recently pregnant women (approximately 8 weeks postpartum). The purpose of the study is to understand what women want in childbirth and how satisfied they are with the hospital care experience. Participants will be asked about their preferences and expectations for services and outcomes for childbirth. The survey results will be used to identify the most important preferences women have for childbirth and the services they received during their hospital stay. Results will also be used to help hospitals find ways to be more responsive to women's preferences and to improve patient satisfaction.

The study involves two surveys. The first survey will occur approximately one month before the participant’s due date. It will inquire about pregnancy history and what kind of services the participant would like to receive in the hospital for childbirth. The second survey will occur approximately two months after delivery; it will ask about what happened in the hospital during delivery.

Financial disclosure: Fridman Moshe, MD, and Lisa Korst, MD, who are non-Cedars-Sinai participating investigators on this study, may receive compensation, equity interests, royalty income or the right to receive future royalties under a patent or copyright where the research is directly related to the work.

Principal Investigator

Kimberly Gregory, MD


Samia Saeb
Phone: 310-967-0631