Childbirth Videos

See the Cedars-Sinai maternity team in action, and find out how they'll help make your labor and delivery as comfortable and safe as possible. In this Labor and Delivery Education video series, you'll also learn about the risks and benefits of an early delivery or cesarean birth.

Labor Pains

As you get closer to your due date, you may feel anxious about what labor will be like. This video shows how to manage labor pains that begin at home and explores your pain-management choices once you get to the hospital.

Attending childbirth classes at Cedars-Sinai is another way to help ease your labor fears.

Elective Delivery Before 39 Weeks

If you're thinking about having your baby a few days or weeks early, you should understand the impact it could have on a newborn's health and development. This video explains why the last few weeks of pregnancy are so important. Understanding more about elective delivery will help you make an informed decision.

Elective Primary Cesarean

Are you considering scheduling a cesarean delivery when you haven't had one before? Watch this video to learn about the risks and benefits of an elective C-section for you and your baby.

Healthy mothers considering a cesarean delivery are encouraged to take this free class: The Elective Cesarean Option.


You can save time on delivery day by filling out forms in advance. Find out how to pre-register for admission to Cedars-Sinai.