High-Risk Perinatal Program

Our High-Risk Perinatal Program partners with physicians throughout Los Angeles County and beyond to coordinate high-risk perinatal care for those who need it. Together, we work to provide the highest level of specialized care and deliver treatment plans that help mothers, babies and families.

We welcome consultations, transfers and transports of pregnant mothers and infants with high-risk conditions. We are particularly equipped to provide comprehensive, holistic care for mothers and babies with complex diagnoses.

Contact Us

With a single phone call, our perinatal outreach team coordinates and manages all aspects of care. If you have any questions, call us at 310-423-1031, or send us a message.

Meet the Expert Team

Our experienced perinatal specialists surround your patients with a full range of care options. Learn about our perinatal specialists.

Refer a Patient

To refer a patient, fax a completed intake form to 310-423-3470. We only accept referral information submitted through this form and from medical offices. 

For 24/7 physician-to-physician consultations, call Neonatalogy at 310-423-8369 or Maternal-Fetal Medicine at 310-423-2400.

Our Perinatal Services

We provide perinatal services that quickly address the physical and emotional needs of patients. We offer:

  • Highest level of care: Cedars-Sinai offers one of the largest and most experienced maternity services in the U.S., performing approximately 6,800 deliveries each year.
  • Prenatal diagnostic screening: We are one of the largest providers of chorionic villus sampling in the U.S., performing more than 30,000 procedures over two decades. We also offer amniocentesis, fetal echocardiography and targeted fetal ultrasound through our Prenatal Diagnosis Center.
  • Genetic counseling: We offer genetic counseling services, including genetic testing, to give you and your patients the information you need to make important healthcare decisions.
  • MD to MD consultations: We offer 24-hour MD to MD consultations by both maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists.
  • Patient referral and transport coordination: Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists can coordinate patient transport to Cedars-Sinai if needed. Our outpatient Nurse Navigator can help coordinate outpatient appointments and facilitate communication between healthcare staff and the patient.
  • Multidisciplinary care planning: We have weekly team meetings attended by maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology obstetrician anesthesiology and pediatric cardiology faculty, nursing and other subspecialists as needed.
  • Critical care: We provide cardiac, neurological, surgical and respiratory intensive care for both moms and babies as needed, in close collaboration with maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists.
  • Outreach services: Our specialists are available to provide consultations and presentations to physicians and patients at community hospitals with advance arrangement.

Partnering on Perinatal Care: What to Expect

Our process for delivering perinatal care includes:

  1. A physician refers a patient to our High-Risk Perinatal Program.
  2. Our program coordinator calls the patient and guides them through their care needed at Cedars-Sinai.
  3. Our coordinator also handles insurance authorization and schedules the first appointment and imaging.
  4. After the first appointment and imaging take place, our doctors confirm the diagnosis and share this information with the patient and referring physician.
  5. Our physicians put together a personalized treatment plan, and we coordinate the recommended care.
Provider Education

We offer personalized educational programs based on the needs of hospitals and institutions. Contact us for more information.

Clinical Trials

Researchers and doctors at Cedars-Sinai work together to study women's health issues and potential new treatments. Learn more about current prenatal diagnosis-related clinical trials.


Find out how researchers are working to create advancements in women's healthcare.