Prenatal Diagnosis Center

People experience many different emotions when pregnant or preparing for pregnancy. At the Cedars-Sinai Prenatal Diagnosis Center, we're here to help you experience peace of mind. We provide the latest screenings to help monitor your health and track your baby's growth and development before birth.

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Schedule an appointment online or by calling our team at 310-423-9999. To refer a patient, fax medical records to 310-423-9939.

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Learn about the doctors, nurses and pregnancy specialists at Cedars-Sinai who are dedicated to supporting you throughout your childbirth journey.

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Cedars-Sinai Prenatal Diagnosis Center
Mark Goodson Building, Suite 1001
444 S. San Vincente Blvd.
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Our Prenatal Testing Services

Are you experiencing a high-risk pregnancy? Or are you concerned about a personal or family history of genetic disorders or birth defects? Learn more about the prenatal screenings we offer:

Patient Guide to Prenatal Diagnosis

At the Prenatal Diagnosis Center, we offer a range of diagnostic options, prenatal testing, genetic counseling, and pregnancy ultrasound.

Personalized Care for Your Pregnancy

Just like every person is unique, every pregnancy is unique, too. This individuality calls for personalized care from our expert team.

Clinical Trials

Researchers and doctors at Cedars-Sinai work together to study women's health issues and potential new treatments. Learn more about current prenatal diagnosis-related clinical trials.


Find out how researchers are working to create advancements in women's healthcare.