Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce an image of the fetus inside the womb. It poses no minimal risk to either mother or baby, but it should be performed by a licensed healthcare professional.

Common reasons for having an ultrasound include:

  • Determining the age of the fetus
  • Determining a cause for bleeding during pregnancy
  • Evaluating the anatomy, blood flow, and size of the fetus
  • Diagnosing multiple births
  • Checking for the fetus' position in the womb
  • As guidance for amniocentesis and CVS

A Level II ultrasound is a high resolution ultrasound used to assess the entire fetal anatomy. The outstanding expertise of the medical team at the Prenatal Diagnosis Center, coupled with the latest in ultrasound technology, allows us to offer the patient the highest level of diagnostic accuracy and medical counseling.

Ultrasound is also used to guide amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling. High-resolution (Level II) ultrasound can detect many but not all fetal abnormalities. At the Cedars-Sinai Prenatal Diagnosis Center, we offer you state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced staff for the best possible care.

In order to expedite the scheduling process, we ask that you complete the Ultrasound and NST Form and return it to us via fax at 310-423-9939. A patient representative will then contact you to schedule your appointment for the procedure. If you prefer, you may also schedule an appointment by contacting our office directly at 310-423-9999.

For all other information, please call 310-423-9990.