From driving to texting to picking up a coffee mug—we use our hands for everything. So a hand problem, whether hand pain or a congenital hand deformity, affects your quality of life.

In our Hand Surgery Program, our experts have earned the highest level of hand surgery certification. They use their training and skill to care for even the most complex hand conditions. 

New Advances to Treat Wrist Pain and Hand Pain

Our hand specialists have made dramatic advances in recent years in how we treat hand injuries, degenerative disorders and birth defects.

The hand is a sensitive part of the body. After traditional hand surgery, patients can experience severe pain. But we developed endoscopic versions of two of the most common hand surgeries in the U.S., leading to less pain.

We are the first hospital in the world offering endoscopic trigger finger surgery using an innovative tool developed by one of our hand specialists.

Surgeries with this device use tiny incisions, so you experience less pain and scarring than with traditional techniques.

Our surgeons can perform carpal tunnel release surgery with less scarring and pain after surgery. Patients can get back to normal activities faster than with traditional open surgery. 

Our Approach to Hand Care

From wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome to fractures, our large team of hand doctors provides specialized care for all hand and wrist conditions. Highlights of our program include:

Leading-Edge Treatments

One of our hand specialists is the first person in the world to rebuild joints and ligaments using stem cells and donated tissue rather than traditional mechanical implants. Mechanical implants can get infected or break. In this innovative procedure, your tissue heals itself, which improves outcomes.

We have an active upper extremity and hand clinical research program. These studies allow patients to benefit from promising new treatments and technology before they are available elsewhere. 

Convenient Care

Our orthopaedic team at Cedars-Sinai includes imaging, surgery and hand therapy. That means you get every aspect of your care in one location, sometimes during one visit.

Care for Patients Around the World

Each year, members of our team travel to other countries, such as Mozambique and Vietnam. During these missions, they care for patients with complex conditions and train local doctors in advanced procedures and effective care practices. While in the U.S., we oversee and teach surgeries in other countries using live-streaming technology. These efforts help address the lack of adequate healthcare in these areas.

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