Getting Started With Orthopaedics

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort or limited mobility due to a bone or joint condition, or sports injury? Cedars-Sinai's care experts want to make sure you know what to expect with every step of your treatment, and feel comfortable as you move forward. Here's what you need to know to get started with Cedars-Sinai Orthopaedics.

New Patients, Referrals and Second Opinions

Every patient's needs are different, so we recommend starting with a call to 1-800-CEDARS-1 (1-800-233-2771). We'll begin by asking a few simple questions to determine your first steps. Depending on your condition, insurance coverage and other factors, we can assist you with finding a specialist or getting a referral from your primary care doctor.

If you've already been diagnosed or treated by a doctor outside the Cedars-Sinai network and would like a second opinion, we can assist you. We've had tremendous success helping people get back to living a pain-free, active life.

What to Do Before Your Initial Consultation

Once you've set an appointment, your specialist's office will give you specific instructions for your first visit.

Meet the Expert Team

Our orthopaedic professionals lead the way in education, innovation and pain management.

Make an Appointment

We're available 24 hours a day by phone. You can also have us call you back at your convenience or send us a message.


Patient Resources

We accept most insurance plans. Check to see if yours is included.

For your own peace of mind or to share with other providers.

Simplify your healthcare with a billing process that gives you options.

Protecting you and your rights as a Cedars-Sinai patient.

Making it easy to communicate directly with your doctor.

Dedicated support for patients arriving from other countries.

Conditions We Treat

Our experts are here to help you feel better, no matter how complex or unique your case may be.

Clinical Programs

We offer a range of specialty expertise and treatments for bone-related conditions, diseases and injuries.

See Our Locations

In neighborhoods throughout Southern California, Cedars-Sinai takes good care of you wherever you are.