Pediatric Medical Genetics

The Medical Genetics Institute at the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Children's Health Center diagnoses and treats genetic conditions in children. Our experienced specialists deliver personalized care within sophisticated facilities designed for patient and family comfort.

As part of the complete pediatric healthcare service at world-renowned Cedars-Sinai, the Medical Genetics Program ensures that patients receive the most comprehensive clinical services and access to accurate testing procedures, superior medical therapies and the opportunity to participate in the latest clinical trials.

The center offers the following programs:

  • The Medical Genetics and Dysmorphology Clinic evaluates patients with a variety of birth defects and developmental disabilities for possible genetic disorders and provides comprehensive genetic and management counseling.
  • The Metabolic Disorders Clinic evaluates and treats patients with inborn errors of metabolism (such as mental retardation, cataracts, neurologic symptoms, poor feeding, recurrent lethargy, vomiting, coma or acidosis).
  • The Newborn Screening Area Service Center provides state-mandated follow-up for infants with positive newborn screening results.
  • The Cytogenetics Laboratory offers a variety of tests to identify genetic problems associated with chromosome morphology. This laboratory performs the full spectrum of chromosome analysis and works closely with the medical genetics geneticist and genetic counselor to provide extensive counseling for patients with unusual or abnormal results.

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