Pediatric Brain Tumor Surgery

If your child has a brain tumor, surgery will likely be part of the care plan. Our ability to safely remove deep-seated brain tumors has earned our team an international reputation. We use innovative techniques, including skull base surgery, to remove tumors without touching the healthy parts of the brain. Our capabilities are giving more children the bright futures they deserve.

Our Approach to Treating Brain Tumors in Children

Cedars-Sinai neurosurgeons have decades of experience and have performed thousands of brain tumor surgeries. And our active role in research has led to care innovations that are helping children achieve exceptional results.

Our approach to brain tumor surgery includes:

Personalized Treatments

We take time to get to know our patients, their families and the unique aspects of the tumor, so we can tailor treatments to meet each child's needs. Our personalized approach makes brain tumor surgery less stressful for children and their families.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

In most cases, we remove tumors using tiny incisions and sophisticated instruments rather than large incisions. Minimally invasive techniques result in more precision, less pain during recovery and a faster return to daily activities.

Lifelong Care

Children with problems such as neurofibromatosis often need surgery as adults. At Cedars-Sinai, your child can continue seeing a care team that they already know and trust. And our adult neurosurgery expertise means that they can rely on us for the same level of top-notch care.

Skull Base Surgery and Other Innovative Brain Tumor Surgery Techniques

Cedars-Sinai delivers the best available therapies for brain tumors in children, including:

Skull Base Surgery
Dynamic Tractography
Coordinated Procedures

Our experts pioneered techniques for accessing brain tumors in the base of the skull. Instead of making incisions in brain tissue, we pass surgical instruments through the opening of the nose. We are founding members of the North American Skull Base Society, allowing us to share knowledge with other doctors.

Technologies such as dynamic tractography enable us to safely remove tumors without affecting critical areas of the brain. This technique employs real-time imaging with GPS-like technology to map the safest route to the tumor during surgery. Tractography enables us to navigate past sensitive nerve fibers that are not visible to the naked eye. Cedars-Sinai was among the first hospitals in Southern California using this technology.

Our experts operate side by side whenever necessary to treat complicated tumors. For tumors that are tangled among blood vessels, our cerebrovascular specialist works with pediatric neurosurgeons. If the tumor is in the back of the skull, our skull base expert assists. Our coordinated approach gives your child the best care our team has to offer.

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