At Cedars-Sinai, you’ll find leading plastic surgery specialists and a team with depth and experience unmatched in Southern California. We listen to you and make sure we understand your hopes and goals for an improved you.

What We Offer

Our plastic surgery team has the technical know-how to treat even the most complicated conditions. We offer a full complement of plastic surgery services—from complex extremity reconstruction, breast reconstruction, lymphedema relief and peripheral nerve surgery to gender-affirming surgery, cosmetic facial surgery and body contouring.

We work with neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, endocrinologists, functional rehabilitation doctors and other specialists. You get all this from a team leading the way with innovative microsurgery and the latest research and clinical trials. And we’re using our knowledge to teach future generations of plastic surgeons.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral nerve injuries are often challenging to fix. You need a surgeon who understands the ins and outs of nerves and has experience in the latest surgical techniques. Our peripheral nerve specialists can repair and reroute damaged nerves throughout the body, from head to toe.

Related Programs & Services

Our plastic surgeons work closely with other specialists to ensure you get comprehensive care.