A Woman's Health Journey

Your Health Matters to Us, at Every Stage of Your Life

As a woman, you face complex health decisions at every age. The medical experts at Cedars-Sinai are here to support you, from adolescence to your senior years. Whether you're keeping up with routine screenings or need a highly specialized diagnosis and treatment, we'll provide personalized care from doctors who set the standards in their fields. Here's what you should know about staying healthy at each stage of your journey.

Adolescence: Teens

Welcome the challenge and excitement of growing into your adult body.

Young Adult: 20s

This is the time to establish good health habits that will benefit you over the long term.

Adult: 30s

It's time to cultivate a healthy outlook so you can manage new demands and responsibilities. 

Midlife: 40s

Evaluate where you are in life and make healthy adjustments as needed. 

Mature: 50s & 60s

Ensure that these prime years are happy ones by making good health decisions.

Senior: 70s & Beyond

Stay active and healthy to enjoy this special time of life.