Frequently Asked Questions

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The CTRC at Cedars-Sinai is a patient-oriented research center that helps investigators and study participants by:

  • Providing an environment for clinical research studies
  • Recruiting and screening potential research participants
  • Providing education on research protocols
  • Collecting confidential participant information
  • Conducting infusion studies and blood draws

Not all Cedars-Sinai research participants are seen at the CTRC. Please confirm with your research coordinator where your visit will take place.

The CTRC provides outpatient support to researchers in a variety of areas such as cardiology, diabetes, digestive diseases, pediatrics and rheumatology. Also, our mobile research nurses can perform research-related procedures on patients who are in an inpatient area of the hospital. Research studies include industry-sponsored clinical trials, as well as those funded by the National Institutes of Health and a variety of research foundations.

The type of research procedures you will participate in depends on your study.  Our research nurses typically help with the collection of vital sign measurements, blood draws and drug/hormone administration.